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Map, Facts and History of Darlington Raceway

Snapshot of Darlington Raceway taken by satellite.



Also Known As: "The Track Too Tough to Tame"

Located: Darlington, South Carolina (around 10 miles north of Florence)
Opened: September 4, 1950
Track Length: 1.366 mile paved egg-shaped oval
Banking: 25 degrees in turns 1 & 2; 23 degrees in turns 3 & 4; 2 degrees on the straightaways


Darlington Raceway is called by many "the track too tough to tame". This name is very fitting for a track that is also known for its "Darlington Stripe". Drivers earn this stripe by bouncing up in the wall during the race, adding yet more black to a newly painted white outside wall. By the end of a race at Darlington, the majority of the wall has turned to black.

The track itself is located in Darlington, South Carolina - which is about 10 miles to the north of Florence. Having been first opened on September 4, 1950, the 1.366 mile pave oval has seen its fair share of racing action. The turns are banked with 25/23 degrees in corners, with just two degrees on the straightaways.

The famous 'egg-shape' of the speedway wasn't a part of the track's original design. Revisions to the blueprints had to be added to accommodate a stubborn farmer that didn't want to sell his fish pond which sat right where one of the corners was proposed to be built. That end of the track had to be narrowed to fit in the remaining space around the fish pond. Years later, the fish pond is still there and Darlington still proves to be one of the most challenging tracks for a driver to tame.