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Racing Videos from Carolina Motorsports Park

This page contains videos that were taken by visitors to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. Many of the videos seen here are from in-car camera shots filmed by the drivers themselves, but there are also some that were taken track side. Auto and motorcycle action can both be found within this page. As more videos from this track become available, this page will be updated, so be sure to check back later for more racing clips from Carolina Motorsports Park.

Solo session three at Carolina Motorsports Park on October 18th, 2014.
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Friday practice at the 2014 Gold Cup Grand Nationals at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw SC. 100% filmed by the GoPro Hero 3+ Best finish of the weekend was 6th and finished the...
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Edited Video, Tony Him #466, Spartan Racing. Practicing for CCS Season 2015 at Carolina Motorsports Park with Carlos Vasquez #461 on 10/19/14. Towards end of session my brake lever came loose ...
From: Tony Him
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Friday night shootout race from the 2014 WKA Gold Cup round at Carolina Motorsports Park. Video shot from the helmet cam of Connor Tebbe. Get your GoPro camera at http://www.bodytronics.com.
From: dtebbe6
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Just having a little camera time running up 521!!
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Group of 4 riders headed down to check out Carolina MotorSports Park...
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7 Laps in Cobra Mustang racecar around Carolina Motorsports Park during a NASA HPDE2 event. Most of the laps are spent chasing a Porsche.
From: bktedder
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2004 S2000 Carolina Motorsports Park HPDE Day 2 Session 3 10/5/2014.
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Had to try the Go Cart track while I was there to, not quite the same as a 575 HP Mustang but fun also.
From: sarge450
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Day 2 Session 3 Carolina Motorsports Park 10/5/2014.
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Great weekend as an instructor at the Carolina Regional Mustang Club Performance Driving School. A couple of my hot laps in this video.
From: Jay Dee
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The race from our GoPro. Sunday, from green flag to, well... 9:20.
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First time there at CMP and it was fun. Stock ZL1 with a CAI only. Fun track. Not a lot of traffic becuase of rain in the morning. My telemetry was acking up...
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Awesome car to drive, awesome experience. Just wish I had a mount so picture wasn't vertical.
From: tomakraft
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