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Racing Videos from Carolina Motorsports Park

This page contains videos that were taken by visitors to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. Many of the videos seen here are from in-car camera shots filmed by the drivers themselves, but there are also some that were taken track side. Auto and motorcycle action can both be found within this page. As more videos from this track become available, this page will be updated, so be sure to check back later for more racing clips from Carolina Motorsports Park.

Second time at Carolina Motorsports Park.. Went well, still have a vibration, but that's about it. Shift lights explained: First green Bulb is 8.5, Yellow is 9.5, Red is 10.5. The Right...
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Awesome car to drive, awesome experience. Just wish I had a mount so picture wasn't vertical.
From: tomakraft
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Had an awesome ride day at NCMP this past weekend! Also had a chance to fly my drone some, track was excellent this day!
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Afternoon Intermediate group. Wish I would of geared a little shorter. CMP is a tight track for stock gearing. First track I've been on where the front strai...
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First time at CMP. Afternoon session onboard my '05 GSXR750.
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Great Novice Group, first day pretty hairy with a lot happening but second day cleaned up and was great, for Novice that is.
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This is the last run I got on video; had a couple of GoPro wireless remote malfunctions. Trimmed off the first lap to fit under the 15 minute time.
From: erhittle
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Miata at Carolina Motorsports Park, July 5-6.
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Just another GoPro video. Haven't ridden in 2 months before this so I was a little rusty. The track is NCMP in Henderson, NC. Bike is 2009 Yamaha YZ250f.
From: zmar328
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Giving the new Spec Miata mod a try at CMP. I've been waiting for a SM mod for rfactor 2 or AC so I was pretty happy when I stumbled upon this. Carolina Moto...
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This weekend would decide the 2012 GT-5S National Championship. Even though we dominated Daytona, a scoring fiasco took away 14 National Championship points ...
From: spidracer
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Running R-comps in the rear and streets up front. The rears came up to temp before the fronts and after getting some air from the curbing hooked me into the ...
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NASA event at CMP. HPDE-2. Car is a 1995 Integra GSR.
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US Desmo Trackday - 5/19/2014.
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Feature vid for session five Music by thirty second to mars. I do not claim any rights to the songs.
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ITA Miata in Group 3 race on Saturday 5/24. Was having major problems with 2nd to 3rd gear shifts. Sperber (who is normally ahead of me, but was racing on ba...
From: obmaxt
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