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Racing Videos from Carolina Motorsports Park

This page contains videos that were taken by visitors to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. Many of the videos seen here are from in-car camera shots filmed by the drivers themselves, but there are also some that were taken track side. Auto and motorcycle action can both be found within this page. As more videos from this track become available, this page will be updated, so be sure to check back later for more racing clips from Carolina Motorsports Park.

A track day with my father in our Superformance Cobras. Most of this video is shot out of my father's onboard camera.
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Turn One track day at Carolina Motorsports Park. 2006 Z51 Auto. Mostly Stock. Bridgestone RE11a. Carbotech XP12s front XP10s rear. Motul600 Brake Fluid. Best...
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Adam Smith in his 1st HPDE Track event, gets to run with a Ferrari in the WheelPower Racing #95 Civic sedan. Bryan Davis Instructing, 1993 Civic Sedan, Non-v...
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Take a quick lap around CMP onboard of Rafael Torres BMW while he breaks the current lap record for the GTS-2 class. The new official lap record is 1:47.722 ...
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The 24 Hours of LeMons (pronounced lemons) is a great event that's all about maximizing racing fun for minimum expense. The basic premise is to find the chea...
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11/22 Carolina Motorsports Parks. 06 Mazda MX5. Session 4, rear view camera.
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Having a fun day of riding at NCMP!!
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Having a fun day with my brother at NCMP! Such a great place to ride! Check out other videos on my channel!
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Watch the slow motion wheelie through the rhythm section at the end!
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One lap around the new setup at NCMP. Such a fun track and great place to ride!
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Friday practice at the 2014 Gold Cup Grand Nationals at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw SC. 100% filmed by the GoPro Hero 3+ Best finish of the weekend ...
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Edited Video, Tony Him #466, Spartan Racing. Practicing for CCS Season 2015 at Carolina Motorsports Park with Carlos Vasquez #461 on 10/19/14. Towards end of...
From: Tony Him
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7 Laps in Cobra Mustang racecar around Carolina Motorsports Park during a NASA HPDE2 event. Most of the laps are spent chasing a Porsche.
From: bktedder
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2004 S2000 Carolina Motorsports Park HPDE Day 2 Session 3 10/5/2014.
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Day 2 Session 3 Carolina Motorsports Park 10/5/2014.
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Great weekend as an instructor at the Carolina Regional Mustang Club Performance Driving School. A couple of my hot laps in this video.
From: Jay Dee
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