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Pictures, Facts and History of Carolina Motorsports Park

Satellite photo taken from above Carolina Motorsports Park.
Carolina Motorsports Park as viewed by satellite



Located: Kershaw, South Carolina (about one hour south of Charlotte International Airport)
Opened: July 1999
Track Length: 2.3 mile paved road course
Elevation: 133 - 144 meters, depending on the part of the track


Carolina Motorsports Park is located in Kershaw, South Carolina, around an hour south of the Charlotte International Airport. The land which had once been the site of an old World War II fighter-training base, was bought in July 1998. Soon after that, construction would begin. Just one year later, in the July of 1999 the 2.3 mile paved road course was officially opened to the public.

Since then, the race track has welcomed new management, which has led to some changes around the track. In early 2007, the track was closed down briefly to undergo some construction work, kicking off the early stages of a 5-year expansion plan. Track revisions were laid out to update various corners around the circuit, as well as re-paving the surface, and adding additional garage areas.

By February of 2008, the track re-paving was finished and the facilities were once again opened to the public. Changes to turns 12, 13, and 14 were completed with the original turns at corners 12 and 13 remaining to allow for an alternate track configuration. The 24 open air day garages were also completed on schedule, with additional construction still planned for the future.


Carolina Motorsports Park from above
A closer view to one side of Carolina Motorsports Park.

Carolina Motorsports Park and the surrounding area
A look at the track, and some of the land that surrounds it.