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Pictures, Facts and History of Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway
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Also Known As: "The World's Fastest Half-Mile"
Located: Bristol, Tennessee (about 5 miles south of town)
Opened: July 30, 1961
Seating: 160,000 seats
Track Length: 0.533 mile concrete oval
Track Width: 40 feet
Banking: 36 degrees in the turns; 16 degrees in the straightaways
Straightaways Length: 650 feet
Elevation: 439 - 459 meters


Bristol Motor Speedway is located about five miles south of Bristol, Tennessee on highway 11-E. The race track was first opened to the public on July 30, 1961. The land that it was built on used to be a dairy farm.

Being known as "The World's Fastest Half Mile", it makes sense that the concrete oval itself is 0.533 miles in length. 160,000 seats surround the track for excellent viewing, which is much improved from the 18,000 seats that were originally at the track when it first opened. The surface itself has variable banking turns - from 24 to 30 degrees, with between 6 to 10 degree banking in the straightaways.


Bristol Motor Speedway photo taken from above
Overhead view of Bristol Motor Speedway - the satellite image.

Bristol Motor Speedway and the surrounding area
A look at Bristol Motor Speedway and the area surrounding the track.

Closer view of Bristol Motor Speedway
A closer look from above at the speedway.