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Photos, Facts and History of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex

Image of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex taken from above by satellite.
Google Satellite view of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex



Located: Koppel, Pennsylvania
Track Length: 1.6 mile road course, a 8/10 mile karting sprint circuit, and a 400 foot in diameter skid pad
Elevation: 354 - 368 meters, depending on the exact location around the track.


BeaveRun Motorsports Complex is located in Koppel, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. The facility includes a 1.6 mile road course named the "North Track" which offers a series of elevation changes, making it an interesting place to race at. The generous run off areas also allow for a safe run. A "South Track" is currently in the design process and is to be finished at a later date.

The motorsports complex offers a great training place for both motor cars and motorcycles, as well as housing one of the top karting sprint tracks in North America. The "Wilson Circuit" as it is known is a 8/10 mile karting track - longer and wider than most of the other karting tracks in America and allows for many configurations to suit all types of racing needs. The track is also used to test and further develop products.

Off road trails are also available on the 400 acre lot for the all-wheel drive enthusiasts. The combined length of the trails is around two miles long. One trail measures around one mile in length and includes a couple of very steep inclines. A second trail is around one quarter of a mile long and follows a (typically) dry creek bed. Training areas are also available to practice and teach off-road driving exercises.


Track activity at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex
A look at some of the activity around the track. Plus some of the skid pad and karting track.

BeaveRun Motorsports Complex's skid pad
The large, 400 foot in diameter, skid pad.

The karting track at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex
BeaveRun Motorsports Complex has one of the longest and widest karting tracks in America.