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Map, Facts and History of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez


Located: Mexico City, Mexico
Opened: December 20, 1959
Track Length: 2.518 mile paved road course.
Elevation: 2232 - 2245 meters, slight elevation changes around the track

Overhead view of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
Photo taken by a satellite above Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.


Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is located in Mexico City. This 2.518 mile paved road course opened in 1963 and has since seen a wide variety of series' including Formula One, Formula 2, Formula 3, ChampCar, Formula Atlantic, Formula B, Formula 3000, Formula 5000, Championship Auto Sport Prototypes IMSA, USRRC (Group 7), and Dragsters. There is also baseball stadium built within the Peralta turn of the track which hosts the Diablos Rojos of the Mexican League.

There are many configurations that are used within the track:

  • The full course ("Pista Completa") is 4.7 km in length and was used for Formula One. It also hosted past ChampCar events before the series disbanded.
  • The NASCAR Circuit ("Circuito NASCAR") that is 4.053 km, hosts, as the name suggests, the NASCAR Nationwide Series and runs the same basic configuration as the full course, but with added chicanes because the stock car series isn't equipped for the fast braking otherwise required, as well as some removed turns.
  • An oval course ("Ovalo") of 1.6 km is also used which circles the area around the baseball stadium.
  • A 1/4 mile dragstrip ("Recta Principal") covers the longest of the straightaways.
  • The 3 km circuit ("Circuito 3km") utilizes the majority of the track, excluding most of the oval.


Image of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and surrounding area
Some of the surrounding area around Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Picture of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, and its baseball diamond
A look from the end of the track with the built-in baseball stadium.