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Photos, Facts and History of Auto Clearing Motor Speedway


Track Name: Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
Located: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Opened: The original speedway opened in 1971, the new speedway opened in 2006.
Track Length: 0.5 km (1/3 mi) paved oval
Elevation: 502 - 503 meters

Satellite image of the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway
Photo taken above the new location for the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.


Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, or ACMS as it is also known, is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The track began construction in April 2005, and finally opened to the public in 2006. The racing surface itself is a half-kilometer / one-third-mile paved oval.

ACMS was formerly called Bridge City Speedway (holding races from 1971 to 2005) and used to be located to the south-east of its current location. It was later moved after the city annexed the land for residential development in 1999. An image of the former racetrack can be seen below.


Picture of Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, taken by satellite
Another view of the new location for the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

Photo of the original Bridge City Speedway.
A look at the original Bridge City Speedway, before it was relocated to the new location.

Image of the former racetrack, Bridge City Speedway
A look at the former racetrack, Bridge City Speedway, after demolition.