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Photos, Facts and History of Atlanta Motor Speedway

Facts about Atlanta Motor Speedway:

Track Name: Atlanta Motor Speedway
Located: Hampton, Georgia (around 30 miles south of Atlanta)
Opened: July 31, 1960
Track Length: 1.54 miles paved quad oval
Banking: 24 degrees in the turns --- 5 degrees in the straightaways
Elevation: 252 - 258 meters, depending on the location around the track

Image from Above the Track:

Atlanta Motor Speedway
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Track Information:

Atlanta Motor Speedway is located around thirty miles south of Atlanta in Hampton, Georgia. It was first opened on July 31, 1960 under the name of Atlanta International Raceway, but has since been repaved and reconfigured in 1997. The new track has added grip, which allows drivers to go faster through the turns without having to worry quite as much about losing control.

The track itself is a 1.54 mile paved quad oval with 24 degree banking in the turns. The straightaways are banked with five degrees. The racing facility sits on 870 acres of track-owned land which also includes a nine-story building housing luxury condominiums.

Weather for Atlanta Motor Speedway: