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Facts, Pictures and History of Aspen Motorsports Park

Facts about Aspen Motorsports Park:

Track Name: Aspen Motorsports Park
Formerly named: Woody Creek Raceway, Aspen International Raceway, Aspen Racing and Sports Car Club
Located: Woody Creek, Colorado
Opened: 1963
Track Length: 1.1 mile, 8-turn private club course; karting track; 0.5 mile motocross track; oval track
Elevation: 2275 - 2280 meters: it varies around the track

Satellite View of the Racing Grounds:

Satellite image of the Aspen Sports Car Club

Track Information:

Aspen Motorsports Park was first opened in 1963 under the name of Woody Creek Raceway. It would later be known as Aspen International Raceway, before being sold again in 1994 to the Aspen Sports Car Club. It is located around 8 miles from Aspen in Woody Creek, Colorado.

The facilities include a 1.1 mile, 8-turn asphalt road course, where the members come to race each other a couple times a week. Aside from the main road course, there is also a half-mile motocross track, a dirt rallycross track, a half-mile dirt oval, as well as a small go-karting track that has also been recently added to the grounds.

As of 2009, membership fees are $60,000 for a full membership.
Price subject to change without notice.

Weather for Aspen Motorsports Park: